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September 27, 2013 / Infinet Network Solutions

Build your own Pro NAS – Seagate Goflex Net with Debian Linux, RAID1 and OpenMediaVault

Seems like a nice hack, I think i will have to have try it myself.

Don Charisma

The result of spending copious hours and days, knee deep in Linux IS – a working and stable 2TB NAS with Debian Linux based on Seagate GoFlex NET. Persistence and Charisma eventually paid off, ended up being a labour of love, but it was WORTH IT. This is a guide on how to do the same the EASY WAY.

This is a fairly hardcore and long geeky guide (6000 words), I realise it’s a niche audience that will be interested in hacking cheap bits of hardware off of Amazon, so if not for you then don’t read it:)


I like saving money and being green at the same time is a bonus.

Seagate GoFlex Net has two SATA ports for portable hard drives, it has a 1.2GHz processor and runs on just a few watts of electricity. For it’s size it’s powerful, expandable and green. Free market prices vary…

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